Max Piccinini, Success Catalyst, is one of the most influential transformational leaders in Europe. He is an Entrepreneur, Life, Business & Money Coach, Author and Speaker. He holds unique and dynamic seminars with attendance going up to 2000 people. His seminars focus on success, business, money, intimate
relationships and vitality – welcoming thousands of people from all around the world.
Max is the founder of the program ItsMyTreeTM, a step-by-step approach to unlock your potential and go from where you are to where you want to go. His core philosophy is that there are laws and principles governing the world. First, you have to know them; then, you have to fully understand them, and finally, you have to own them fully in your core. That’s when you are set for automatic success.
With his charisma and incredible energy, Max offers a very pragmatic and unique approach to help his clients create truly positive results. He regularly appears on TV, Radio and Magazines in Europe and Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people follow him over his online Success Letter on
Max is French-Italian, born in France, started from nothing, and despite a tough upbringing, became a very successful entrepreneur – a millionaire before 30 – and now lives the life of his dreams. He is now living in Switzerland, inspiring people all around the world.
You can connect with Max Piccinini, or learn more about his Success Educational Videos and his next seminars at:
[email protected]