Matthew Gordon is the founder of the Gordon Group,
an eclectic holding company that is focused on
the modernization of marketing across industries.
From educational regalia and consumer textiles to
architectural products, the Gordon Group has a proven
track record of disruptive innovations across industries.
A former classroom teacher and educator, Matthew was almost finished
with his PHD from Columbia University when he decided to change direction
and enter the business world. This career move was not made lightly
as Matthew had already dedicated so much time to education, with two
Masters Degrees (one in Early Childhood Education and another in School
Administration) already under his belt. The choice to leave a position at a
well-respected school in Greenwich, CT, where he was enjoying a growing
academic career, for a business where there was no guarantee of success,
was a risky one.
When Matthew joined his father’s educational and novelty products company,
even he didn’t know that it would turn into the world’s leading e-tailer of
graduation caps, nor did he imagine that his gowns would be featured on
the cover of Time Magazine. In those early days, the company was built
upon sales generated through individual visits and interactions, much
different from the e-commerce behemoth it is today. Through hard work,
dedication to quality products, and superior customer service, Matthew has
led GraduationSource into staggering growth year-in and year-out, with no
signs of slowing down.
Matthew was not content with just one successful company and set about to
turn the architectural world on its ear with the introduction of Avanti Systems
in 2008. Despite searching high and low for European quality glass walls and
partitions for his office, Matthew realized that the US market lacked a provider
of glass products on par with what is readily available across the Atlantic.
This discovery, along with some research into the antiquated way in which
architectural products are specified, lead to the creation of Matthew’s second
largest company. Today Avanti enjoys a peerless reputation in its industry for
bringing innovative and aesthetically stunning products to market.
A competitive swimmer since early childhood, Matthew can usually be found
at the top of international rankings in his quest for a world record. The pool
is not the only place you will find Matthew setting records on the water, he is
also a power boating fanatic. Whether he is speeding through ocean waters
on a record attempt or making a splash on the world stage of swimming,
Matthew is always a fierce competitor. This drive permeates all aspects of
his life. From the pool to the office, Matthew owes his success to consistent
training and understanding that mental resilience is the key to winning any
To date, Matthew has been featured in Forbes,, Brazenlife, TedX Wall
Street, Startupnation, Wework, SCORE,, Buildmybiz, Greenwich
Magazine, Smart Recruiters and numerous other publications. He has taken
a number of companies from startup to the status of Inc. 500/5000 award
winners, including some top 100 categories.
Always approachable and open to new ideas and inspiration, Mathew
encourages thoughtful engagement via his twitter @matthewhgordon, or on
his website