Matthew E. Alleyne is nothing short of a serial entrepreneur. Born in New Zealand and currently residing in Norway. Mr. Alleyne these days is more often called Mr. ROCKA. Starting his first business venture at the age of 9, a pick and packing service for his mother’s home party business, whilst she was out selling, he was at home fulfilling the orders.
Mr. Alleyne’s relentless passion as a serial entrepreneur has thrived for over 20 years resulting in many successful business ventures. Currently Matthew Alleyne is building, with his wife and soul mate Mrs. ROCKA, Siw- Helen, Norway’s fastest growing furniture franchise, ROCKA Furniture. After successfully dominating the domestic market the aim is too expand this proven franchise business model into international markets. Interested in learning about the furniture business? Contact Matthew directly for more information.
When not growing ROCKA into Norway’s top furniture franchise, Mr. Alleyne operates numerous other companies that are involved in production, distribution and sales. His constant hands on approach, and total dedication to business have made him the revered businessman he is today.
When not operating his businesses Matthew enjoys sharing his vast business knowledge and life experience with others. To date Matthew Alleyne has mentored hundreds of people to personal and business success.

“Serial Entrepreneur”, the starter of successive companies who makes a living by starting up companies and operating them until they are competitive, then selling them.

For more information, you contact Matthew on email: [email protected]