Matthew McLean started his professional career as an athletic trainer taking care of people such as Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee. His scholarship earned him national awards as a student athletic trainer and he enjoyed the fruits of being part of the 1998 National Football Championship staff. His love for real estate began seven years ago in a hot market in Asheville, NC when he wholesaled a house and made $13,000 in a week. He hasn’t looked back. Training under Ron LeGrand has made a rank amateur into a professional that has a wealth of tools to take advantage of this exciting market. He is constantly teaching and encouraging other investors as well as giving hope to those trying to get their families back under a roof that belongs to them. The techniques that are outlined in this chapter are just some examples of those available to Ron LeGrand’s students. Matt’s goal is to continue demonstrating excellence in his work by being a successful investor, great husband and dad of three, and helping to heal some of what is broken in his community.