Hartney Family & Estate Law is an estate planning
practice serving all kinds of Colorado families. A later-
in-life attorney, Martha Hartney opened the practice
in 2010 to serve the people she loves because
she is committed to helping moms and dads bring their greatest gifts into
parenting fearlessly and with joy and making sure children are completely
cared for if something happens to their parents.
Martha graduated from the University of Denver while being a full time
mother of two sons. She focused her studies on family, juvenile, and estate
law and served in the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office; Larimer
County Domestic Courts; and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law
Center. Martha has served as a pro bono guardian ad litem representing
abused and delinquent children. After law school, she was certified as a
Child & Family Investigator through the Colorado Bar Association. She
has also supported new mothers as a La Leche League Leader and been
an advocate of attachment parenting and natural parenting.