Did you start your business years ago and now have moments where you wonder whether that was, in fact, a good idea? Maybe you are disappointed about the kind of work you have to do day in day out. You are focusing on financial numbers, solving conflicts between your employees, making decisions about all kinds of minor things, and writing detailed proposals. This was not what you had in mind when you dreamt of being your own boss.
Marlene loves to help entrepreneurs find joy in their entrepreneurship again. She helps them to transform their company into something that fits their personality instead of them being the slave of their business. Her clients feel relief because they don’t have to push themselves forward anymore. Like one of her clients said, “It starts to become so much fun it scares me.”
A lot of entrepreneurs forget to look at their own personality when they start a business. They have a passion for their product, but never thought about what kind of work they actually like or dislike. And when their business grows, a lot of things they do “just have to be done.” But when your work is 80 percent “must do,” it’s no fun anymore—it drains you.
As a best-selling author and productivity expert, Marlene loves to help entrepreneurs find more time for the things they love to do. Together with her friend and colleague, TJ, she developed a proven system to help business owners get to know themselves and use that information to free up two hours every day for strategy, innovation, and growth.
As a productivity expert, she has inspired and trained professionals in businesses of all sizes, from small companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises like AkzoNobel, Vodafone, BDO, Boston Scientific, Damen Shipyards, Hennes & Mauritz, Heinz, ING Bank, KLM Air France, Toyota, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Philips, Reed Elsevier, Toshiba, and Unilever.
But Marlene finds that she likes her work most when she can coach and train entrepreneurs who have the drive to change and the ability to take action. She loves to help and encourage them to create a business in which they can fully utilize their strengths.
If that’s you, please surf to and request her special report: “Five Ways to Sit on the Beach and Sip a Café Solo While Your Business Is Doing the Work for You.”