Mark and Lyn-Dee Eldridge have inspired millions around the
world to become the best they can be. Their diverse backgrounds
have given them the experience to help and coach
thousands of others to success.
Both Mark and Lyn-Dee have created great success in business including one of their
businesses being listed in Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses in
America in 2008 & 2009, after the economic collapse in our country. Being successful
entrepreneurs, authors, mentors and speakers, they are able to inspire individuals
both in their personal lives and business.
As authors Mark is known as “The Obvious Expert™” in his best selling book helping
people position themselves in the marketplace and Lyn-Dee’s book “Tears of Fears
Behind Closed Doors”, shares her inspirational story how anyone, no matter what
their challenges in life, can overcome adversity.
With a passion and mission for paying it forward by helping others find the greatness
within, Mark and Lyn-Dee have written books that inspire and teach everyone how to
understand that true Happiness is within everyone’s reach. They excel at inspiring and
empowering individuals and teams to live healthier, happier and more connected lives.
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Your Past to Strengthen Your Future”, visit or the Free report
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