Mark H. Witt is the President of Witt Financial Group, LLC, a
Registered Investment Advisory firm. With over fifteen years of
experience in the financial industry, Mark dedicates himself to
working with investors who are interested in learning how financial
markets work and are seeking a disciplined approach to investing.
Mark’s approach to investment management is the culmination of years of study
grounded in academic research from the University of Chicago. Mark teaches his
clients the truth about how Wall Street really works and educates them on how they
can achieve true peace of mind and win at the investment game. Mark wants each
client to achieve clarity and confidence on their financial journey.
As a dynamic public speaker, Mark has shared his message of free markets and
global investing with thousands of people around the country. His direct approach
and enthusiasm make him a compelling speaker and fierce proponent of free market
capitalism. Mark currently teaches public and private seminars on Investing, Asset
Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory.
Mark co-hosted “Main Street Money” which aired on Public Broadcast System (PBS)
in 2012. Mark was featured in the documentary Navigating the Fog of Investing and
has appeared on Matson Money Live! – a popular Internet financial show.
Mark and his wife, Glenda, have been married since 1983. They have two sons,
Jordan and Grayson. Jordan graduated from East Tennessee State University and is
Vice President of Witt Financial Group, LLC. Grayson, a beautiful child with special
needs, is an active participant in Special Olympics.