I met my husband 30 years ago, and we have 2 lovely children, now teenagers. That’s the biggest award in my life. And I believe my best gift to them, is to show them how exciting life can be, even when you passed the age of 25… I want them to expect they can create a great future.
After school I chose to follow my passion, horses. I became a good rider and educated me to be a professional riding instructor. I have always strived for personal development, as a rider of course, but also in creating a well-functioning organization and good economy at the Riding school where I worked. So after some years I became the manager for another big Riding School, then I started to work for the Swedish Equestrian Federation to develop the quality of the 600 Riding Schools in Sweden, also did the exams for new becoming Riding Instructors, wrote a book for the federation about how to run a Riding School, was invited as a speaker at their Business School education, I was voted to be the chairman of the Branch Organization including trainers and breeders, so you can say I was at the top of my career in the horse industry, which is a very big industry in Sweden.
At this stage, our son was diagnosed with Leukemia, and I had to quit all my obligations and focus on his treatment, which was a very long journey, now he’s ok.
I had to find a new career, and I was really attracted by the idea of Network Marketing, to be able to build up a business of my own, and at the same time have the opportunity to create successful teams together with other great business owners to leverage the results.
I realized I could use a lot of my earlier knowledge and experience in my new business, because success principles are the same whatever branch your in. I’ve been invited as a speaker to share my experience using these principles at several Business Developing Seminars. I love to help people see their own potential, and guide them on their journey to success.