Born as DI Marcel Fleisch, also known as “The Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible”, was travelling around the world for 16 years. His philosophy: “Learn the Best from the Best of the Best”.

Marcel Marvel enjoyed experts, masters, eldest and superstars of different cultures and knowledge to learn and experience with them.

On his “hero´s journey”, Marcel Marvel experienced long kept secrets, discovered apparently lost knowledge and discovered what makes the most successful people different from others.

Marcel Marvel found over generations long kept secret knowledge and experiences. Based on his experiences and deep findings, Marcel Marvel developed the Magic Success® System.

As a magician, Marcel Marvel toured successfully in many countries all over the world and was loved to be seen in Las Vegas and Hollywood.

After successfully finishing his education at the Commercial Academy in Austria, Marcel Marvel studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and finished as certified degreed engineer with a master degree in science.
Marcel Marvel graduated as “Diplom Mental Trainer” and, after several years of governmental education, he graduated to become a registered mediator at the Government’s Department of Justice in Austria.

Now he combines his skills as

• highly skilled success expert and trainer
• university certified trainer and consultant
• professional magician (Alumni of Magic and Mystery School Las Vegas)

to mold into the Magic Success Trainer & Coach.

By melting together the knowledge and experience collected worldwide over 16 years, Marcel Marvel developed a complete new, unique method, which takes people faster and easier to their goals.

By melting together new technology, old secrets and forgotten wisdom, success strategies from various areas of knowledge by experts, masters, eldest and superstars from around the world – Marcel Marvel developed the powerful and very unique Magic Success System.

Marcel Marvel’s strategies and systems create completely new dimensions and opportunities, methods and finally new chances.

As Magic Success Trainer and Coach, he helps corporations and individuals to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

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