Marc Burton, 29 years old, is a Nightlife Entrepreneur – Creator of the ‘UTP’ business theory and Founder of fashion brand Decorum LYD.
Marc was born and raised in London. He was educated at King’s
College School, Wimbledon and he went on to read and graduate in Economics at the University of Bath.
On graduating, Marc was invited to join the soon-to-be-launched bar and nightclub Mahiki as its founder marketing director. Marc helped establish Mahiki as London’s most famous bar and nightclub. Mahiki has been the number one celebrity venue in London for the last eight years. It was the first venue in London to offer sharing cocktails in giant treasure chests and ground breaking cocktails served in actual pineapples and coconuts.
After the success of Mahiki, Marc co-founded Whisky Mist, the members club on Park Lane in London. Whisky Mist immediately became one of the premier venues in London. It has attracted the world’s most famous celebrities with everyone from Jay Z, Beyoncé, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Rhianna, Kanye West, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Christina Aguilera to British and European Royalty regularly seen in The Mist.
In 2012, Marc sold his equity in Whisky Mist and in October 2012 opened Tonteria, a Mexican tapas lounge and nightspot on London’s Sloane Square. Tonteria quickly established itself as one of the top nightspots in London with regular visits from A-list celebrities and the British Royals. Tonteria is known for being one of the most exciting and creative nightclubs in the world. Shots of tequila are delivered to the guests by a toy train, situated on the ceiling. Many of the cocktails are served in vessels linked to Mexico such as a Mayan pyramid and Lucha Libre wrestler heads. Guests are entertained throughout the night as the performers and dancers continually change costumes and wear giant masks linked to Mexican characters.
Marc is regularly asked the secrets behind the success and longevity of Mahiki, Whisky Mist and Tonteria. People are eager to know why the A-list celebrities always flock to these venues, why they are so busy (and profitable) and how the venues became established without a penny being spent on advertising. Marc’s driving ambition to creatively innovate and improve his venues lead him to develop UTPs. UTP stands for ‘unique talking points’ and is a business theory that can be applied by anyone to improve their business no matter how big or small. Marc’s goal with UTP is to share his knowledge and help other entrepreneurs achieve success and their
business dreams with limited budget and no advertising. The key is to follow the seven principles of UTP. Look out for Marc’s forthcoming book, Unique Talking Points.
Spectator Business included Marc in their list of the rising stars of the business world in order to find the next generation of entrepreneurs. Marc has been interviewed and appeared in Vanity Fair, GQ, Tatler, Spectator Business and Vogue.
Marc would love to hear from you and can be reached at: @DecorumLYD
[email protected]