Luis Vicente García is a financial professional who has devoted many years to the study of how motivation and attitude affect regular day to day people. Married for 20+ years, with two sons, started writing articles about finance, franchising, and motivation since the late 1990’s. These articles in turn developed into a Spanish Language BLOG called Motivando El Futuro (, a Blog on Motivation and Personal Growth. An Economist with an MBA, and a Master’s Degree in Service Enterprise Management among other studies, is a firm believer of continuing education. He published a franchising book entitled Motivando al Futuro Franquiciado in 2010.

With the experience gained in different companies, having worked in the manufacturing and service industries, he has learned to work under pressure, in a business climate characterized by turbulence and uncertainty. He has worked in a wide variety of companies, from well established enterprises to publicly traded companies; family owned business and start-ups. This has allowed him to fully understand and appreciate the importance of core values that people and businesses need to succeed. Altogether, Luis has gained an overall knowledge of local and international markets, business deals and interpersonal relations.

All of these efforts have resulted in aligning the people to find better alternatives for making more effective and efficient operations, while at the same time obtaining better results for the organization. His approach is that of a “people-oriented” leader and manager. He believes in providing all people with the right tools and opportunities to learn, in motivating and coaching them to perform better while at the same time in being a promoter of continuous training and personal and professional improvement through self-education. A team builder, a motivator and a confidence generator, always with a positive attitude towards life, Luis Vicente believes in being a leader for the people that work with and surround him.