Lori Dawson and her husband Jim have been entrepreneurs for over 35 years. Three of their businesses have produced millions in income: a construction company that went from $0 to $12 million in four years, a real estate investment company that went from $0 to $8.1 million in three years and a buy-and-hold
partnership currently worth $3.8 million after just 18 months.
Lori is passionate about marketing, systems and creating consistent income. She loves helping other business owners prosper, and enjoys being a business coach and educator. When working with any small company, her goals are to get the business profitable and allow its owners to experience a wonderful sense of personal freedom.
In addition to teaching real estate investment courses and boot camps, Lori coaches real estate investors and does business coaching. She will even partner with owners of businesses (usually e-commerce, chiropractic clinics and manufacturing) that have enough potential to dramatically increase the profitability and then sell them in 3-5 years.
Lori and Jim have been married for over 33 years. They have two grown children who are twins. Their son and a daughter are both married and have their own wonderful families; so the Dawson’s have two adorable grandsons, a granddaughter on-the- way and a grand-dog. When Lori isn’t busy working, she loves spending time with her two horses.
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