Loretta is from northern California and now lives in Chesapeake, Virginia. She has three daughters, Shelly, Heidi and Gerda and four grand children, Mark, Seth, Caelan and Bret. Loretta is a REALTOR® in the Hampton Roads area and has been selling real estate for the last thirteen years. Being an artist is an advantage for her because she has that creative side to be able to think outside the box for new ideas in marketing and getting properties sold.
Loretta Washburn has been featured as a guest on “America’s Premier Experts”, on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates, Live At 10, Look Who’s Talking, and The Sally Jesse Raphael Show. She has been interviewed on numerous radio shows, magazines and other publications.
If you would like more information about Loretta Washburn, and how you can purchase any of her books, would like to learn more about CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY, her art or would like to speak to Loretta about buying or selling real estate and would like more information from one of America’s Premier experts, visit her at or call her at: 757-288-2247.