Linda M. McCarthy, Ph.D has studied the “Mind-Body”
connection for over 20 years, with a particular interest in
the field of Metaphysics and Psychology. Her pursuit began
while observing the significant changes in the general
health of individuals as it related to their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
Personally witnessing the physical illnesses that friends and family were
experiencing, Linda began to focus her attention on the biology of beliefs,
and the critical role of perception in all aspects of our life.
As a Metaphysician with a doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling and a
Board Certified Life Strategist with the Spencer Institute and the American
Association of Drugless Practitioners, she is currently continuing her education
at Stanford University, studying Human Behavioral Biology. Linda has a
passion for pursuing the deep personal connection between emotions and
how they affect the well-being of an individual through energetic pathways
in the body.
Her research at the University of Arizona, and University of Sedona include
the exploration of biology, metaphysics and counseling, with an emphasis
on the mind-body connection.
Linda McCarthy can be found in So Scottsdale Magazine, and has written
numerous articles for Evolution Ezine Magazine. She has been a guest on
the popular radio show Networking AZ. KNFX, with Carol Blonder, and is an
active member of the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce, The Institute
of Noetic Sciences, and has a busy practice based in Scottsdale AZ.
To learn more about Linda M. McCarthy, Ph.D, and how you can receive your
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call: (480) 477-8020.