Heralded as “The Bad Habit, Belief Breaker/Certified Hypnotist Expert/Accelerated Change Template (ACTTM) Master Practitioner,” Linda Allred is one of only a few people in the USA that is trained in ACTTM – a powerful belief-change science using the energy work of kinesiology that will forever
uproot the single biggest fear or doubt you have about achieving your goals… and replace it with positive belief statements that free you to move forward.
And you don’t even have to ‘try hard’ to do it! Her proven programs deliver a powerful 2-step punch – Self-Hypnosis and Accelerated Change Template (ACTTM) that are designed to help you break your bad habits and limiting beliefs in MINUTES so you can achieve ground breaking success in all areas of their life. And guess what?
It’s as easy to change your Bad Habits/Limiting Beliefs as it is to edit a single word document on your computer! You edit… you save… and you’re done!
Creator of the Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy – Get Happy Self-Hypnosis Bootcamp Home Study SystemTM:, Linda is an expert in the art of Self-Hypnosis, Creative Visualization, Accelerated Change Template (ACTTM), Laws of Attraction, Positive Affirmations, and whole-food nutrition. She received her certification in hypnosis in 1992 from St. John’s University, Springfield, LA, and holds additional certifications in hypnosis from the National Guild of Hypnotists, Merrimack, NH. She has actively practiced hypnosis for 20+ years blending the latest discoveries in science, spirituality, and psychology thereby creating amazing accelerated results that last for her clients. Linda also became an Accelerated Change Template (ACTTM) Master Practitioner in 2010, further adding to her profound toolkit to help others live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.
Here’s how to connect with Linda: [email protected]