Linda Miller-Zellner is a true connector, collaborator and marketing concierge. As a Brand Alchemist, Linda helps her clients’ synthesize their ideas and turn their brands into gold. Experience, strength and hope are the core values that drive Linda’s thoughts, actions and deeds, which are the secret sauce for her success in business, the community and her relationships.

Linda founded Hamptons Creative Group after a 30 year career in publishing, investment banking, and fashion, (Linda was one of the first women to join Goldman Sachs’ marketing team in the 1970’s), which has allowed Linda’s dynamic combination of business savvy and creative inspiration to position HCG as one of the most sought after marketing, advertising, and special events firms in the Hamptons and regional New York.

HCG’s diverse client base thrives in partnership with solo-preneurs, retailers, charities, non-profits, and cultural and community leaders and is reflective of the value of HCG’s creative solutions. Listening to and learning from a client’s objectives to gain a thorough, intimate profile of target audiences, HCG’s work is not only well-designed and flawlessly executed: it’s vibrant, catalyzing work that speaks to audiences on a visceral, emotional, value-based level, and most important of all, increases the profitability, reach, and profile of a business.

Hamptons Creative Group is on a mission to serve its clients in bold new ways:

Linda’s position as a highly visible female business owner offers clients key insights into some of the most coveted consumer segments (viz., luxury, entertainment & real estate). These segments can not only directly bolster a client’s bottom line profits, but because of their close-knit community ties, often spread a business’ messages through word of mouth and social engagement. Today, viral marketing activities are an essential part of any contemporary marketing strategy or advertising plan, but often elude businesses and agencies… precisely because these special consumer groups are so difficult to penetrate.

To further maximize the personal touch, HCG de-virtualizes the relationship between clients and agencies. “Having been on the client side of creative agencies for many years, I realized that while technology has improved the number of ways which client and agency can communicate with one another, it’s also distanced that relationship and, in some cases, inhibited the collaborative process. By founding our agency in the Hamptons, where our clients live, work and play, we can engage them, understand their challenges more deeply, and provide them with solutions that exceed their goals. And we can do it sitting across the table from one another.”