Leks Stanic, health and wellness expert, has formed
CPFitBody after realizing how much false health
information is provided to the public. Leks, who once lived
unhealthy herself, has learned on her own about proper
lifestyle, and discovered that anyone can benefit greatly
from wellness programs. Leks has completed over ten fitness and specialty
certifications through nationally recognized organizations such as NCSF, AFAA,
Exercise, Etc. and IDEA. (You can visit for her ‘before’ and
‘after’ pictures.)
Leks’ background consists of Strength & Conditioning, Track & Field and Muay
Thai Kickboxing. She has worked with a wide range of people – from athletes
to people with specific needs such as women with bone-loss issues to large
group training.
Leks (along with Dewayne) currently runs CPFitBody studio located in Franklin,
TN. CPFitBody offers private training, semi-private and small group classes.
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