Let me introduce myself. My name is Laurel L. Hurst.

I experienced God’s supernatural power in all areas of my life. I wrote this chapter for you and others to receive life as I have. God went through it all with me. And he made it possible for me
to live his Word.

I went through as much as anyone could in my life – and now I want to reach as many as I can for God. Two years I searched for a certain kind of passion. The passion I was looking for is to help others to experience God’s great goodness. Life is connected.

I’m: facilitator and a motivational speaker for youth. I aspire to write about God in an easy-to-understand manner. Jesus’ gift to me is to be able to teach others and, through my faith, believe in the miraculous for others.

I am in my 10th year listening to The Message, the New Testament God gave to me. Jesus said the Word of God is the wisdom of God. The Word is Spirit and gives life to us all. I experience God in my need for God to be involved.

Our will, our doing they can’t separate. We make a decision when the situation arises.
That decision made is what we will do.

“If we’d just be alive right now, we will see great things in God for us.”
~ Francis Frangipane (author of: In Christ’s Image Training Center)

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