Laura Smith is a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of most! Living life to the fullest is her passion. Having and accomplishing a huge bucket list since she was 10 years old, she has been on a mission to learn and do everything possible in a lifetime. Her discoveries and adventures have led her down many roads and have taken her around the world. From hugging babies in small African villages and Russian orphanages to staring at Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, she has never lost her zeal for what’s next. People wonder that one woman could own a chocolate shop, a variety store, a greenhouse business, a restaurant, a water company, and a bakery while earning degrees in Applied Technologies, Christian Ministry, and Master Gardening. And after that, she became a Pastor, Counselor, Teacher, Author, and an International Speaker.

The people who have known Laura well can attest that she always has something in the works and in her funny and light-hearted manner, she will draw you in to help you see there is more to life than work and play. There’s adventure! “The more you try, the more you can achieve, and the more you achieve, the better you are at everything you do,” is what rings from her heart. Her passion now and always is to help people add zing and zeal to their life as well.

You can take advantage of Laura’s wealth of knowledge and expertise on her website at:

List of Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Chocolate Shop, Restaurant, Variety Store, Produce Center, Bakery.
International Christian Speaker, Pastor, Counselor, Teacher, Author
Master Gardener, greenhouse grower, bedding plants, hydroponics, victory gardens
Degrees in Applied Technologies and Christian Ministry
Local Television Personality