Kristy Lynam Moore started her real estate career after transferring
to Michigan for a job in the lending business. Soon after
moving, the company declared bankruptcy during a major recession.
Despite this adversity and knowing few people in one of
the worst markets in the country, she excelled in the new area.
She was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award and went on to be a President’s Club
Member and one of the top agents in the country within one year. Since then, she was
relocated with her husband to the suburbs in Northern Virgina, outside Washington,
DC. While not knowing anyone at first, she was able to build her business again from
the ground up and has been a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club member as a top producer
every year since. As of 2011, she is in the top 1 percent of all agents for Keller
Williams in her region. In addition to her sales production, she has written how-to
booklets for agents on marketing effectively on the internet. These books have been
used by hundreds of other agents nationwide as a premier guide on generating leads
for free online.