Kian Ameli, MS, ACE-CPT, is the founder and owner of Momentum Fitness in Northern California, and is known as the fitness coach to go to when you are ready to “reclaim your body.” Going through high school as a “chubby kid” his mission became to change his own body, which sparked the desire to change the way the Bay Area does fitness. Named one of the “most influential coaches in the Northern California” Kian has been working in the industry since he was 18 and has created training systems that are based in science and produce consistent results.

Kian is driven by his vision: to create a more effective way for busy people to reclaim their bodies. He started Momentum Fitness in 2010 to create a space where both women and men could get away from the “meat market” mentality, and see real world results in record time. For more information on Kian check out