Khoa Bui was born in Vietnam in 1981 where during that time, war was raging between North and South Vietnam. His family then immigrated to Perth Western Australia by boat where they began to build their future from scratch.

Khoa started working with computers during the mid 1990’s where he started to learn how to design his own website on his own. After graduating from Edith Cowan University with a Masters of Science in Software Engineering in 2003, he started working for various software development companies in education and private sectors as a software developer. 2 years later, he followed his dream and started his own web design & development firm “River Designs”. Only three years later, Khoa has successfully generated thousands of dollars for his clients through effective traffic generation strategies and Internet Marketing.

Khoa also won the TS Design Award 10/10 for Best Design and Best Development in 2009 amongst thousands of web design firms. He has also appeared as a host on a computer TV series called “Byte Me”, featured on the popular “Life Hacker” productivity site, Expert Author on eZineArticles and writes for the National Speakers Association.

Khoa is the CEO and founder of Khoa Bui International and regularly consults with multi-million dollar clients by building their online brand and making their websites more successful. He has clients in Government, Mining, Education and Private Sectors and also contributes to various charities including Starlight Children’s Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Khoa is also an international speaker and enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise to his audiences. Finally, Khoa also enjoys travelling around the world, writing and building projects that contribute to the world in some way.

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