Kevin Justus began taking electronics apart as a child and
putting them back together for fun. When he got his first
computer, he moved to the next best thing.
In 2001, Kevin started Shoreline Information Technologies and
his hobby became his life’s work. In 2010, Kevin joined an IT
industry group with global membership that covers a wide range of topics in business
and technology.
His mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business, not a liability. This
means he helps each client leverage technology to increase their bottom line profits,
rather than technology slowing them down or getting in the way altogether.
In 2011, he wrote a book entitled, Computers Should Just Work which talks about
what business owners should expect from IT service providers, and how to choose
the right one. The second edition with updated information about the latest technology
will be published in 2014.
Kevin lives and works in Santa Cruz County with his wife and 3 children.
Contact information – visit my website at:
or by calling 831-708-3140 or by emailing me at: [email protected].