Kevin Johnson has been the owner of A thru Z Janitorial Service &
Supply Inc. for more than 18 years. Unlike other successful entrepreneurs,
he didn’t start his company after receiving a businessschool
education or training from another business partner. In fact,
he says he knew absolutely nothing about business when he first started.
Although he never dreamed he would one day own his own business, Kevin’s family
and friends say he has had business sense from the time he was a little boy. They
remind him of times when he would buy candy from the neighborhood store, take
it to school and then resell it for a profit; or when he cut grass in the summer, pushing
his lawnmower from yard to yard around town. Growing up as the only child of a
single mother who sometimes struggled to make ends meet, Kevin says he learned
early that a little hard work won’t ever kill you.
That lesson has served him well in running his own business, where he has put in
long hours and worn many hats and then watched his perseverance pay off. During
hard times, Kevin saw his mother stretch old “George Washington” a long way and
learned to do the same in his business. Kevin believes management skills can be
learned along the way but that the most important aspects are to do to others as
you want them to do to you; be fair but firm with your workers; and make customer
service a priority. To stay number one in your business, you must offer your customer
the best service ever and solve any problems that arise so that your company’s name
will be passed along to potential customers.
Kevin says he believes his success in business truly stems from his belief in God.
The word of God says put God’s Kingdom first and he will take care of all your needs
and desires (1 Peter 5:6-8 and Psalms 37:4), and Kevin believes that God’s wisdom
will always lead you into true success and prosperity. He encourages you to try it
for yourself and see. He would like readers to email him at [email protected] to
describe how that plan worked.