Kevin Anderson helps families comfortably put every one of their children through college. Kevin came to the financial planning industry after 25 years in management and executive roles – primarily in Fortune 500 companies. Now specializing in college financial planning, Kevin has over 10 years of financial
industry experience spanning the areas of financial planning, retirement planning, life insurance and investments.

Frustrated by his own college planning experience with his children and the limited strategies available in traditional financial planning to help his clients, Kevin founded Exodus College Planning several years ago. Kevin’s mission is to reach as many families as he can, to help them overcome the college cost juggernaut creating challenges for so many families struggling to pay for college. Exodus College Planning is a growing company. With the recent expansion from Louisville to St. Louis where he now resides, Kevin seeks to add to the hundreds of families already impacted by the community workshops and the services he provides to clients.

Kevin is in partnership with the largest and most reputable college admissions & financial aid service network in the United States, an organization in its second decade of existence. With this partnership and his college financial planning expertise, Kevin is able to squeeze money out of every area of the college process so his clients don’t over-pay or over-borrow. From admission counselors to financial aid specialists to award appeal specialists, Kevin’s team has all the expertise needed to provide holistic solutions to minimize college cost.

Kevin’s college planning approach is built on the philosophy that “college requires ready cash.” His goal is to help his clients “crack the code” for how their family can amass the cash needed for college upfront. With ample savings, parents are not only positioned to fund college with little to no debt, but they also have the funds to pay for extra tutoring or other student preparation activities to better position their children for acceptance into their targeted schools with maximum financial aid.

Kevin graduated from Florida A&M University, and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He is a member of the Advisory Board at the Ulmer Career Management Center at the University of Louisville’s School of Business. He is also an advisor to the Louisville Urban League’s Urban Alliance Seminar Leader Development Program. In addition to being a member of the College Planning Network, Kevin is also a member of the National Association of College Funding Advisors.

Kevin’s outside interests include active involvement in his church and volunteering to increase financial literacy through workshops and mentoring. In his leisure, Kevin enjoys reading and Bikram yoga. Kevin has been married over 28 years to his wife Phyllis, a healthcare marketing executive. Together they cherish time with friends and travelling, particularly to visit their “college-educated” children.

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