Starting a company is hard work; can you imagine five startups
before your 30th birthday? That is exactly what Ken Granger
has done, starting his first business at the age of 18. Ken is
continuously coming up with new business concepts and ideas.
By age 22, Ken was running a multi-million dollar nationwide
retailer at theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Universal Studios.
He grew the company to over 60 employees and nine retail locations. Through this
experience, Ken has acquired the ability to manage a large team while working toward
a common goal, and maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.
While successful in retail, Ken’s true passion is technology. In 2005 he started an IT
service company that provided network design and support to small businesses. He sold
the company in 2010 so that he could focus solely on helping small businesses develop
their brand and online strategies through Arranging Pixels and
Ken is a sought-after resource on branding and design, and is often called a “technology
super-hero.” He lives by his mantra – help business owners improve their quality of life
through branding and technology.
To learn more about Ken connect with him online: