Dr. Kelly Brown is no stranger when it comes to knowing how it feels to struggle in a dental practice. After graduating from the University Of Oklahoma College Of Dentistry in 1976, he spent the first 10 years of his career in the bottom 5% of the dental industry until an unfortunate life event occurred that opened his eyes and changed his destiny forever. Within the next few years he learned and implemented lessons that took his practice to the top of his industry.

Today he and his son, Dr. Nathan Brown, use his practice building lessons to launch additional practices. With his Custom Dental joint venture model he has launched more from zero to a million dollar solo owner operated dental practices than any man on the planet. Most the Custom Dental practices bust the million dollar mark within the first 12 months even though he typically partners with relatively young and inexperienced dentists. He currently has joint ventured with 11 practices in Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri, and there are more on the way.

Dr. Brown has been asked to serve on a committee that assists and advises the Oklahoma Dental Board of Governors through the process of updating The Oklahoma State Dental Act, Statutes and Rules.

He is a dentist, lecturer, radio talk show host and author. He has been published in Dentistry IQ and The Profitable Dentist journals. He is the Founder and Chairman of Custom Dental, the fastest growing, joint venture, owner-operated dental business in the world.

Dr. Brown was recently interviewed on the topic of “Annihilating the Big Box Dental Shops” by 2-time Emmy Winner, Nick Nanton, on America’s Premiere Experts which was seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates across the United States.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich in Dentistry, Dr. Brown reveals 55 time-tested principles for success that any dentist can use to launch a new practice or take an existing practice to the next level.