Kelly Borth is a visionary with an intense pioneering spirit, an unfaltering
commitment to achieving excellence, and a firm belief
in the value of helping others. She is a strategic advisor to CEOs,
a best selling author, speaker, and a columnist for Smart Business
In 1990, Kelly was inspired to launch GREENCREST, a strategic marketing, advertising,
public relations and interactive firm that provides direction for small- and midmarket
privately-held companies. As a certified business consultant, an accredited
public relations specialist and a certified brand strategist, Kelly leads her team as
chief strategy officer, in propelling businesses from market players to distinguished
market leaders within a remarkably short period of time. Kelly understands what it
takes to define a brand and turn that into an increase in market share and solid results.
Her company specializes in brilliantly executed communications programs that
begin with a solid marketing foundation and result in increased market penetration
and awareness.
Kelly is a sought-after business advisor and sits on numerous community and business
advisory boards. She has been recognized extensively for her business savvy
and philanthropic involvement.
To learn more about Kelly Borth and GREENCREST, visit: or or call 614-885-7921.
You can also follow Kelly Borth on Twitter@brandpro