Katrina Kavvalos lives in Sydney Australia with her husband John of 15years and her 3 beautiful children- Evelyn 11, Michael 8 and Christopher 2.

After a life changing experience in 2006, Katrina decided to pursue her dreams. Katrina loved being a mother, though after almost 6 years of not working in the workforce, she longed to feel and be financially independent. Even though Katrina wanted this, she did not want to trade time for money. Katrina wanted to have a business from home where she could work the hours she wanted, whenever she wanted. An Internet business seemed to be the perfect solution.

As Katrina’s passion lay in The Law Of Attraction and in the Personal Development field, she decided to create various website which offered easy step-by-step guides on how to manifest the life of your dreams. One website it particular focusing on mothers and Internet Marketing; giving them the resources to be able to start an online business working from the comfort of your own home, while spending time with their children.

Katrina searched endlessly for help in creating these websites, finding solutions to her many questions and even looked for a coach who would ‘hold her hand’ throughout her journey, though she was met with obstacle upon obstacles. During the search for answers and direction she came across a one year program, for which she outlaid a significant sum of money upfront, which claimed to ‘fast track your success’ and provide her with all the answers she was looking for. Eight months into the program, not learning or gaining any insight, and after several tears, frustration and anguish, Katrina took control and made an informed decision that “enough was enough” and did all in her power to pull out of the program. She was too strong a character to allow negative energy to take over and get in the way of success through determination.

Even though the 8 months were very trying for her, Katrina grew as an individual; it empowered her and made her more determined to succeed. One major lesson Katrina realized from this experience, was how important a persons’ credibility was and how when lost can be detrimental to your reputation and career.

This situation also re-enforced how critical it is to be honest when helping others succeed, as this reflects upon your personality as a person. This was when Katrina turned to Social media; where she was not only able to be herself, she was finally able to receive the answers she was looking for, find an amazing mentor who would help her along her journey, build new friendships, share her experiences, build an incredibly high volume of followers in such as short space of time and most of all, have loads of fun in the process.

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