Power Profit StrategistTM, and founder of Extreme Results Now! and the Extreme Results Implementation Team, Kathy Hagen- buch is a Certified Professional Business Coach, Business and Social Media Profit Strategist and Trainer who works with entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and small business owners to MAKE MORE MONEY, WORK LESS and have MORE FUN. She gets results by leveraging systems, teams and people, and taking advantage of underutilized resources and over- looked assets.
Kathy has a proven track record of helping her clients obtain results. Her fun loving and energetic combination of bold and daring, provocative and controversial… yet fast- paced, interactive and results-oriented style, brings a light-hearted, but laser-focused approach to the implementation of exclusive proven strategies, formulas, techniques, tools and systems, that her clients use to tap into their ‘Extreme Profit Potential’.
Kathy’s ‘Power Profit SystemTM’ Series of Programs are geared for the reality of the hectic and fast-paced business environment and are designed to enhance the way the entrepreneurial brain is ‘naturally wired’ – rather than forcing you to fit archaic traditional business models. Her programs include leverage strategies which help you to identify the hidden profit centers and the ‘low hanging fruit’ that put more money in your pocket immediately. You will also discover the profit power of the Million Dollar Business Model as well as the enormous cost of ignoring the ‘Profit Value of Your TimeTM’.
Additional Power Profit SystemTM program results include implementation of low and no cost marketing strategies, strategic planning, the one page business and market- ing plans, building your implementation team, tools for quickly assessing the ideas and strategies that will have the biggest impact on your business, and integrating a results-focused social media strategy with existing on and offline marketing methods.
To learn how you can finally beat entrepreneurial paralysis and get ‘Extreme Results’ by doing more with less, and in less time, check out Kathy’s unique small business and entrepreneurial tools – AND grab your copy of “3 Surefire Social Media Posting Strategies that Build Relationships Fast and Turn Leads into Profits“. Visit www.So-