Kathy Andersen is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, television talk show host, leadership and change consultant, success coach, media guest, business person, and social entrepreneur.
For almost 20 years, Kathy has helped people transform their visions for change into realities. Kathy holds a master’s degree from Harvard Kennedy School with a focus on international development, leadership, organizational development, and management. Kathy is a Master Class trained consultant in Adaptive Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School, and has also undertaken several executive programs at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School on management and leadership.
A spirited speaker and workshop host, Kathy has spoken at numerous conferences, and held various workshops and retreats throughout the United States and internationally. Kathy frequently appears on national media in the United States speaking on topics including change, leadership, and success. Kathy is a regular writer for the Huffington Post, and the host of the new Lifetime TV show, Live Life Forward, commencing in 2016.
Kathy’s clients have included international public and private corporations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, country governments, Major League Baseball players, equestrian athletes, private philanthropists, and other individuals. Kathy is currently collaborating with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, and Sheryl’s Lean In Foundation to undertake success and empowerment programs for underserved women and girls. Kathy is also managing a Clinton Global Initiative America Commitment to Action to lead underserved youth to success.
Kathy’s five-time award-winning book, Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life, took readers on a journey of personal transformation. Kathy’s second book, Change Your Shoes, 365 Life Resolutions, gave readers an inspirational daily journal to achieve their dreams. Now, in The Seven Soul Shoes of Success, Kathy brings you the “soul shoes” you need to step into your powers and achieve your most extraordinary and meaningful successes.
Originally from Australia, Kathy “changed her shoes” from corporate high heels to hiking boots after a childhood of sexual abuse by her father left her looking for meaning and purpose. Her travels took her to the richest and poorest countries in the world. Now, Kathy finds meaning and purpose pursuing her dreams and helping others achieve their dreams. Kathy lives in Miami and now calls the United States home.
You can follow Kathy on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, where you will find resources to help you “change your shoes” and step into all you desire in your life and in the world. email: [email protected]