Katerina Morjanoff was born longer ago than you would think from looking at or talking to her. Yes, it’s true about the television thing, Kat still doesn’t own one.

She’s worn a lot of labels, while looking for the one that says “Kat”.

Some of them have had accompanying trophies (National Representative Ice Skater Age 15), some of them have taught her useful life skills. While being a builder’s laborer aged 19, she learned to carry eight bricks at a time in her bare hands, and is therefore clearly prepared to get her hands dirty.

Kat has spent time with some of the world’s most inspirational and influential people. She’s been branded a “Breakthrough Genius” by Siimon Reynolds one of the worlds foremost authorities on advertising and creativity. Kat is also a licensed private investigator and justice of the peace, just in case!

Asked to distill her passions into a single philosophy, asked what her travels and teachings have taught her (yes the alliteration is absolutely apt), Katerina says only “people”. By extension, what makes THEM passionate, and how to help them channel that passion into success.

She’s not sure that success needs to be financial (she once spent 21 days in total silence in an ashram in the hills of Southern India), but certainly appreciates some of the luxuries that monetary comfort can convey (she flew there on the A380).

Kat tells people that she’s mostly interested in research, but a single moment talking to Kat lets you know that she is most certainly the first person to test the temperature (and depth and likelihood of shark attack) of the water.

Engagement, then, and reveling in that engagement, is what Katerina delivers. And delivers. And delivers.