Kate is a single mum, who has successfully survived, re-established her family and raised two entrepreneurial children aged 22 and 19, following a turbulent marriage breakdown due to domestic violence and compulsive gambling.
The rebuild was achieved through persistence, determination and a strong work ethic as well as and staying gainfully employed by using her background in Nursing, Health Promotion, Injury Prevention and Patient Safety and Quality. As a Manager, she has experience in leading both work and volunteer teams, in organisational change and project management.
Kate is co-author of falls prevention good practice guidelines, toolkits, checklists and journal articles and she has been accepted to speak or is often invited to present at conferences on this topic. She has been awarded the RoadWise White Ribbon Award for excellence in road safety initiatives and the Bishop Fox Trophy for all–round excellence in Year 12, the Highest Honour the College Confers.
Growing up Kate was involved in her families businesses, during her marriage they had a business and she has supported her children into their business. Now having launched her two children, Kate is developing the next chapter of her life; she is growing her Arbonne network marketing business and has plans in the near future to help others who have experienced domestic violence and compulsive gambling to rebuild successful lives.
One of the key steps to rebuilding is managing your money well. Kate has achieved this through the weekly/fortnightly habit of budgeting. She developed a book that makes budgeting easy. Due to the success of her own personal budgeting habits Kate wanted to share her knowledge and as such has published the Budget Book©. This book is an easy to use guide focusing on the simple rules around budgeting. More budgeting and money management tips can be found at the Budget Book© website or email [email protected]