Kate Beeders has been known worldwide as a Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert since 2010, and is founder of Success Coaching with Kate. Having been an award-winning Business Development Executive for over 15 years in Corporate America and more recently, an expert in helping Heart-Centered
Entrepreneurs quickly make huge, life-changing mindset shifts, it’s not a surprise that other established Thought Leaders and Marketing Experts turn to Kate when they’re stuck in their own businesses.
She is a highly sought after Thought Leader, speaking at top events like 2011 and 2012 Tapping World Summit with a worldwide listening audience of over 825,000! Kate was also honored as an “Exceptional Woman.”
However, her greatest accomplishment is having the courage to follow her own path (which means manifesting amazing opportunities for skyrocketing business growth that others did not believe possible) and reaching six-figures in year 2 of her business.
With well over 25 years of business experience, Kate is now dedicated to working with small business owners, many of whom have quickly added thousands of dollars in sales after exposure to Kate’s groundbreaking Success Activator SystemTM. As a result of Kate’s expertise and teachings, these entrepreneurs learn to quickly get unstuck, get moving and get the cash flowing. Once Kate touches someone’s life, their journey is never the same.
Kate lives in the Boston area with her exceptionally smart, fun and the best Cairn Terrier in the world. Her most important mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to have success on their own terms.
For more information about Kate’s Success Activator SystemTM and to learn how you can build a business and life that you love, visit: