Karen Purves is a leading marketing expert working with small service business owners to grow the business is inside them using the internet to build presence and generate leads and sales. She has a Masters Degree in Marketing specializing in small and micro businesses and 25 years experience. Her passion is marketing and making it work for others. Karen created the Marketing Iceberg System, the successful MaxWeb Social Media Marketing Programme and more recently Lead Magnet Secrets programme

She has successfully grown three businesses over the past twenty years. The most successful was where she changed the way professional qualifications were delivered to busy professionals. As a result, that approach is now used throughout the UK.

Karen has developed a social media marketing training programme. This is based upon the experience, research and knowledge gained from her business and that of her clients. Even before launch, people had signed up for this programme.

Karen helps business owners translate their passion into content that people want and then market that content to build credibility and become attract to their target market. To learn more about how Karen Purves and how you can receive the popular report on “How to use Twitter for Business” from or call +44 1737 735400 for a free 15 minute consultation.