Kanta Motwani is a Certified Professional Holistic Therapist whose talent and approach has inspired many individuals to lead a healthy self-aware life. She helps her clients take responsibility for their emotional, physical and spiritual health and guides them through transformational healing tools and coaching to support
them in raising their own level of awareness.
Kanta ́s life circumstances created an ardent desire to give hope to people by telling them about her own story and how they too can take responsibility for their lives and begin to enjoy freedom and good health. She left behind a career as a Computer Based Trainer and IT Instructor as well as her business during difficult and negative circumstances. She overcame these barriers and started to study energy medicine and energy psychology. She is passionate about the many opportunities which she has been offered through the art of healing and is committed about sharing and supporting others.
Kanta has combined her wealth of knowledge in science-proven methods that she studied along with spirituality. Kanta uses her passion to enjoy a vibrant and healthy life motivating her clients to accomplish their goals and access their inner guidance through experiential coaching and the practice of meditations.
She has successfully coached and empowered women and men from all walks of life, ages, races and religious beliefs by bringing clarity into their lives and guiding them to live as they always knew they could. She has personally been coached by the Canfield Coaching Group, which, in addition, has helped her to successfully support people to experience transformational changes as she continues participating in the Canfield training programs.
Kanta is a graduate from Thames Valley University in London. She is the President at a non-Lucrative Association that contributes to international humanitarian projects and is the founder of Surya Awareness Academy®.
She is the author of the forthcoming book My Life Journey to Self-awareness, a public speaker, facilitator and practitioner of various healing modalities. She owns a private consultancy in Spain, delivers Teleseminars and workshops on Personal Development, and provides coaching services and remote healing sessions worldwide. She has developed a 90-day Sadhana Program to transcend the ego – inspired by the meditations she has learned during her stay in India in the company of Spiritual Masters and Saints.
Kanta is a trained, certified Aura and Chakra Counsellor and Biofeedback® Trainer from the Auramed Institute in Germany, Dorn-Breuss Massage Therapist by the DMTA-UK, Facilitator of Quantum Entrainment®, ACP Angel therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Professional Therapist – Homeopathy L4 and Practitioner of Be Set Free Fast® Energy Psychology method by Dr Larry Nims.
She contributes with her writing on digital press channels and Alternative Health Magazines in Spain. Her goal is to challenge blind faiths, stereotypes, fixed values and limiting belief systems from our society, and to help people use their full potential and own their power by raising their levels of awareness. [email protected]