Justine SanFilippo graduated from the University of Notre
Dame with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
Since college, she found her passion in health, wellness
and nutrition! She attended the Institute for Integrative
Nutrition® in New York City in 2005 and became a
Certified Health Coach – She is also an
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys training others to help them reach
their fitness goals. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Nutrition
with plans to pursue her PhD. She writes a weekly blog filled with practical
nutrition and wellness tips at: and she also
sends out a free monthly newsletter.
Justine loves to teach others about health, wellness and nutrition, and she
enjoys helping others achieve their weight-loss goals. Prior to relocating to
Austin, TX, she was the owner a women’s gym in New Jersey where she
spread the message of health and wellness to the members.
Justine has several books in the works. The first will be a book called “Lose
Your Inches Without Losing Your Mind!”© Afterwards, she will come out with
her children’s book series.
“Lose Your Inches Without Losing Your Mind!”© is an honest and realistic approach
to losing inches in a healthy, balanced way…. and keeping them off!
She uses her past experience with diets (and losing 45 lbs!) to relate to others
how to finally reach their ideal size. It is a fun and quick read – no dieting allowed
in this book!
Her children’s book series will teach the children (and their parents!) about making
healthy choices in an easy and memorable way, especially when they are
young and most impressionable. There are many instances of child obesity that
she feels can be altered positively. Educating both children and their parents in
a simple, easy-to-understand way is how she hopes to make a difference.
She looks forward to continuing to educate as many people as possible
through her books, articles, seminars and speaking engagements. Her ultimate
goal is to help individuals of all ages, sizes, and walks of life be HAPPY,