Justin Yule, BS, CPT has been studying health and fitness for 22 years,
practicing as a personal trainer for the last 13 years, and has helped
thousands of clients reach their fitness goals through his personal supervision
and personal training management roles. Today, Justin focuses
on population-based training and specializes in fitness boot camps for all levels.
Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a Concentration in Adult
Fitness (1997) from The State University of New York at Cortland. He is also a National
Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.
Justin has worked with men and women of all ages and physical abilities in his career
as a personal trainer. In 2002, Justin was named the Most Valuable Trainer with Life
Time Fitness. He then served multiple roles and received recognition in Management,
Research & Development, and Education at the local and national level.
In 2009, Justin authored his first book, The Science of Getting Fit, and launched his own
weight loss and fitness boot camp program, Look Great at the Lake Boot Camp.
Something most people don’t realize about Justin is that he has struggled with weight his
whole life. Being in shape is something Justin has to work on daily. Being a former ‘fat
kid’, he understands the stresses and difficulties that come with being overweight and
out of shape. With his experience and education, Justin has developed a sound weight
loss and fitness program – with proven results.
Justin has a simple philosophy when it comes to health, fitness and life in general: Have
Faith and Take Action! He feels that most people who lose at anything focus on the
negativity of the tasks while those who win simply focus on the end result.
Justin’s goal is to offer health and fitness solutions for busy men and women by providing
them with efficient and effective programs that are both safe and fun. His boot camp
program is available locally and online. Look Great at the Lake Boot Camp, a community
based weight loss and fitness program in Chanhassen, MN, delivers the highest quality
personal training program in town. Look Great at the Lake Boot Camp ONLINE, brings
the best of his live program to the web; so anyone, anywhere can take advantage of his
incredible results producing program.
In addition to the scientifically proven workouts, each participant receives meal plans
with done-for-you recipes, a copy of Justin’s book The Science of Getting Fit, and continuing
education through daily blog posts, weekly motivational emails and monthly Q&A
calls. Members are fully supported in and out of class and can communicate with each
other through an online members’ only forum. This attention to detail and 360-degree
approach to health and fitness is what creates such a high rate of return on investment
for his members.