Justin Potts, also known as the creator of the DIVE-IN Success Formula™, is an entrepreneur, doctor, inventor, and owner of multiple businesses. Justin has been developing and inventing for many years and over the last four years has perfected the DIVE-IN Success Formula™ that has allowed him to achieve success in an extremely distracted world and distracted mind. Being a student of ADD, Justin had to develop a program that would have a step by step process for him to follow in order to obtain the desired outcomes and results he was looking for. One of the key differences to his DIVE-IN Success Formula™ is he had to create it “on his own” since he didn’t even know how to get a success coach early in his career. This DIVE-IN Success Formula™ has been used by other businesses in order to stream line their process and aid in the delivery of success. Justin doesn’t believe success will come with a genie handing you a bottle. Some people believe all you must do is “wish upon a star” and Justin tends to think differently.

Justin does not believe the economy is in a recession. He believes the only people affected by the recession are the ones living in the recession. The DIVE-IN Success Formula™ creatively allows people to use what the outsiders call a “down economy” in order to create massive wealth for themselves.

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