Justin is an active real estate investor, consultant, and life long entrepreneur, having initiated and managed a variety of small businesses from a young age. As a freshman in high school Justin purchased a lawnmower, edge cutter, and leaf blower and built a neighborhood landscaping business to 20 weekly accounts. While attending college he established a very successful DJ & Entertainment business that serviced dozens of weddings and hundreds of gigs per year. Having a real passion for real estate, Justin applied profits from those businesses and private investor funding to acquire his first foreclosure investment property at age 19. In the next six years Justin would be directly involved in the acquisition and sale of over 100 properties, concentrating on residential and multi-unit rental properties. He credits a lot of his knowledge and experience to the “Mom & Pop” real estate companies he worked with, including his association with a national real estate investment company that specialized in creative real estate acquisitions and sale. Consequently, Justin has extensive experience in acquiring properties through short sales, subject to existing financing, and lease option agreements. He’s quite handy at rehabbing properties and is a skilled property manager. Still an emerging entrepreneur at age 25, Justin owns a small portfolio of properties and continues to search for the next great deal!

Having his father, Jeff Carter, as mentor, Justin paid attention to how his dad grew his business, taking copious mental and physical notes on the numerous steps and activities it took to operate a successful real estate business. He learned that for many small business owners direct mail was an important lead generator. He also learned that as a small business owner, direct mail isn’t easy to manage. It takes a lot of time, organization and financial resources to effectively manage a campaign that returns a constant supply of leads and prospects to build the business.

Knowing that there must be an easier way, Justin combined his passion for real estate investing and his technology expertise into a dynamic internet business, designing and developing a disruptive web-based application that specifically assists Real Estate Professionals build their business through direct mail campaigns. Technology has now made it possible to turn a once painful but necessary task into something virtually effortless. With less effort needed logistically, more emphasis can be placed on the effectiveness of the mailings, creating less waste and a higher return on investment. Direct mail marketing has combined with all the right technology resulting in more targeted and focused campaigns, conveniently and more cost effectively than ever before.

Justin is Chief Technology Officer as well as Co-Founder of is pioneering the innovative way small businesses view and use direct mail. launches Summer 2010. Check it out:

When it’s time to shift gears, Justin loves to rock climb and ski in beautiful Colorado where he currently lives.