Julie Guest is an expert direct response copywriter and business
coach to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking
for proven, ingenious, easy ways to attract all the business
they need in the new economy. Julie has been recently named
as one of America’s fast rising stars in the marketing industry
and has studied marketing greats like Gary Halbert, Joe Sugarman, Robert Collier,
Eugene Schwartz, Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, Victor Schwab, Gary Bencivenga and
Joe Karbo. Using her proven, easy and fun 10 Step Ultimate Client Stampede Marketing
System™ Julie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners
make dramatic transformations to their work and home lives.
Julie’s private copywriting clients range from a handful of Fortune 500 clients to
mostly self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and business owners, in industries
as diverse as plastic surgery, real estate, financial and legal services, dentistry, insurance,
beauty and healthcare. More than 85% of Julie’s private clients use her repeatedly
because she does so much more than “just writes copy” – she delivers STRATEGY,
uncovers hidden opportunities, creates new opportunities, repositions products
and re-invents businesses.
Julie is founder of – the most valuable marketing resource
on the planet for solo-preneurs to attract all the business they need in the new economy.
Request your copy of her free audio CD ”10 Client Stampede Secret Strategies
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