For nearly 4 years Julie Boswell was the right hand implementer of renowned copywriter and direct response marketer Bill Glazer. As the Director of Marketing for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle she directed and executed ALL of the company’s marketing efforts including filling nearly 1,000 seats at their two annual National events, the SuperConferenceSM and the Info-SUMMITSM. She also wrote several very successful campaigns for them including the now famous Roving Reporter campaign which generated over $80,000.00 in sales in just a few days.

Although the content came from Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer, Julie managed the creation of almost 20 brand new Glazer-Kennedy info-products from artwork concept to packaging and, in some cases, sales copy. While she was at Glazer-Kennedy, she even painstakingly refurbished and updated 10 classic Glazer-Kennedy products, including their marquee resource Magnetic Marketing. Julie knows the process very well and is a valuable asset in the product development aspect of any information marketing business.

Julie now operates her own thriving copywriting and consulting business fulltime helping all sorts of entrepreneurs grow their businesses through creative and compelling direct response marketing campaigns. She’s also developed a comprehensive program to manage info-product creation and launch. To find out more contact her at [email protected].