Dr. Julianne Blake, Ph.D., is a Certified Professional Success
Coach who offers high-level training in Jack Canfield’s outstanding
system for attaining ultimate success. As a coach and trainer,
she guides you in breaking through obstacles and limitations to
create lives you love to live.
The onetime professional dancer earned her doctorate in clinical psychology and
was a practicing psychotherapist for eighteen years. As a therapist, she developed
exciting, innovative methods in Gestalt art therapy. Her practice focused on teens and
adults with self-esteem issues, women in relationship crisis, and she also specialized
in effectively counseling people challenged by chronic or life-threatening illness,
particularly cancer.
Julianne’s quest for a deeper understanding of healing led her to travel the world researching
new paths to physical and spiritual health. Her journey took her from milking
sheep (for making cheese) on a Sufi farm in England to studying acupuncture and
medicinal tonics at a Taiwanese hermitage, to learning ancient meditation techniques
at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal.
Then suddenly, Julianne was confronted within her own crisis when she was
diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and faced the possibility of never dancing
again. Determined to overcome her pain and her own feelings of helplessness,
anger—and fear, she journeyed again—this time into the world of medicine,
research journals and alternative practitioners, where she experienced acupuncture,
osteopathy, chiropractic, and many systems of natural healing.
With newfound knowledge and skills, Julianne parlayed the broad range of her experiences
into a new career as a professional success coach. Julianne’s exceptional
insight allows her to enable you to access your core, your true self. Her program
includes personalized guided meditation sessions that empower you to release past
trauma and pain, and offers step-by-step guidance in developing the action plan to
take you to your ultimate success.
Her own personal challenge gives Julianne a unique ability to work with clients who
are challenged with chronic and life-threatening illness and pain, helping them find
relief, thrive and live their dreams with passion.
In addition to her designation as a Certified Professional Success Coach, Julianne is
a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, as well as a certified mem457
dancinG throuGh the dark to coMe alive: becoMe the Miracle you are
ber of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles. Today, twenty-six years after her
MS diagnosis, Julianne is on the move, and living a courageously creative life, both
personally and professionally. She loves to paint, garden, and walk by the ocean, and
has found marvelous, inventive ways to continue to do what she loves most–dance!
Julianne Blake is passionate about connecting with people who want to grow exponentially
and to heal. Her profound desire, above all, is to inspire those who seek
coaching to know who they are, to empower themselves to heal and to succeed in
creating a life they love to live.