Julia Antufjew is one the key characters in the rapidly growing Fashion Incubator also known as QUANTUMFACTORY.NET Julia’s mission is to empower 10.000 emerging fashion designers launching their brands. Magic powers: Action, Great Team and Clear Vision. Julia and her team facilitate emerging fashion designers to start their brands from zero and to succeed in their venture. Julia teaches designers the main principles or the game play, runs in-house product development and manufacturing of designer’s portfolio, and manages several distribution channels.

German, born in Russia, Julia travelled the world to make a stop in Shanghai/China and to found QUANTUMFACTORY.NET: garment factory specialized in high quality designer wear.
Fascinated by creation Julia developed a hands-on lean market entrance program for emerging designers minimizing initial investment while securing revenues from the very moment of the brand launch. Graduate of Rijks University of Groningen, Fashion and Business Professional, Member of America’s PremierExperts™, CEO of the most promising fashion venture and recently an author.

You can connect with Julia at:
[email protected]
WeChat: Julia Antufjew
Skype: tufatufa