Judy van Niekerk, is a Life and Business Strategist, Author and Researcher. She transforms peoples’ lives around the world daily, mentoring, speaking and training as she ignites the Loves and Talents in people through her various programs. Globally she works with individuals, companies and groups across all markets including youth guiding them to greater levels of empowerment and enrichment.
She has successfully and completely turned her less than ideal childhood experiences into phenomenal opportunities which she has capitalised on to empower millions around the world to see that the challenges we experience are stepping stones for us to grow from.
She demonstrates from her personal experience that we truly to possess the power within to create the life we love and abundance – as she says ‘it is nothing more than a choice, a simple decision that will irreversibly alter your life forever’.
She has reached the top of her game in everything she has turned her hand to in sport and business winning major awards and medals. Although still young she has experienced an enormously wide spectrum in the business world from Accounting and Management Consulting, Environmental Care product development, developing Environmental training for ISO certification for diamond mines and wood mills, lobbying government to amend Domestic Violence Act in South Africa to establishing a whole wine region in South Africa, working closely with government and creating much needed jobs in the under resourced areas of the tribal regions of South Africa.
Having studied Social Justice at Strathclyde University in Glasgow she now spends any free time studying Quantum Physics, researching all aspects of Consciousness and accessing the Universal Intelligence.
Judy currently lives in the UK with her husband and soul mate, Tiny. They travel the world, hiking, sailing and SCUBA diving.
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Including guided meditations, Alchemy of Gratitude™ steps to manifesting from within, IVF-Birthing your Entrepreneurial Spirit™, Steps to increasing your Wealth Thermometer and her other books.