Joshua Dubin is among the top Realtors and investing minds in the nation. He relocated to Central Florida in 2001 to attend the University of Central Florida and in 2005 graduated with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship. Since then, he has founded a real estate investment business, as well as a residential real
estate sales team that operates in the Central Florida area. Throughout his career he has worked with hundreds of homeowners, investors, and prospective investors to accomplish their real estate goals. Being introduced to the opportunity real estate presents in 2003 at the age of twenty, he attributes his vast knowledge to being fortunate enough to experience significantly different stages of the housing market cycle.
Today, Joshua manages a multi-million-dollar residential portfolio and is actively acquiring investment properties which produce high-yield returns on cash. By recognizing a fundamental flaw in the standard approach to retirement planning that exclusively focuses on building a large nest egg, his strategy focuses on developing channels of passive income through housing. Additionally, he actively rehabs and flips properties to build down payments for long-term investments opportunities.
In his free time, Joshua enjoys spending time with his two amazing daughters, Kailey and Brielle, and his wife Lauren.
Joshua Dubin [email protected]