Josh Felber is focused on challenging himself and those around him to consistent excellence. Blessed with the heart of an athlete, mind of a leader and an entrepreneurial spirit, he is not only effective in his approach to business, but also extremely gifted in motivating people to achieve their own goals. His intense drive
and dedication to succeed has laid the foundation for his innovative approach to leadership.

Josh is the President and CEO of JF Ventures, LLC, Functional Fitness Labs, LLC (CrossFit Akron), F2 Nutrition, LLC and Primal Chiropractic, LLC, all based in Akron, Ohio. Since beginning his first business as a computer dealer at the age of 14, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted and long-term success was destined to follow. While still in his teens, Josh started Merchant Financial Services, which became one of the largest entities in that industry. He led the company to generate annual transactions of over $5 Billion.

Other businesses in Josh’s career have included ventures in satellite dish installation, nutraceuticals and green energy solutions. In each of these opportunities he led the companies to be national leaders within their business vertical. As a Partner and Vice President of Lifemax, a nutraceutical company, he helped build the company from the ground floor and under his sales leadership, the company reached millions in sales within 4 years and their products were on the shelves of 40,000 retail outlets in 30 different countries.

His most recent endeavor includes the opening and operation of multiple functional fitness facilities, currently located in the North East Ohio area. As an avid health and wellness advocate, Josh has been a long time runner and CrossFit proponent. He has received numerous awards for various competitions including multiple marathons and half-marathons. He has now taken his passion for health and wellness to a new level through the creation of Functional Fitness Labs, LLC (CrossFit Akron) in 2010. Each year of business has demonstrated significant growth.

Josh has also incorporated a chiropractic and rehab center with the gym facility for the benefit of his clientele. This model has proven to be very successful and will be used in future locations. Additionally, he will be launching a functional nutritional company to design, make and sell his own supplement lines.

Josh has been recognized multiple times in the National Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs, was a National Winner of the ATT and USA Today Investment Challenge, and has been featured on radio and television in the greater Akron area. He is an EXPY Award recipient for Media and Communications and recently appeared as a guest on America’s Premier Experts® presentation of Health and Wellness Today, a television program seen on various ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates throughout the country. Josh holds numerous certificates in CrossFit, Sports Performance, and Nutrition, and is an Eagle Scout as well.

Josh and his wife Trina, an entrepreneur as well, reside in Akron, Ohio with their daughter, Mia, and twin sons, Cash and Roman. Additional information about Josh Felber and his companies can be found at: