Jorge S. Olson
President & CEO, Premier Brands Inc.
Jorge Olson builds Beverage Companies!
Jorge is an international beverage industry expert and builds beverage and consumer goods companies.
He has successfully developed, marketed and sold more than 1,000 different beverages & consumer products in the United States and Mexico. He has more than a decade of C-level executive experience in consumer goods, beverages and wholesale distribution. He is the author of successful business resource books including Build Your Beverage Empire and The Unselfish Guide to Self-Promotion.
Jorge’s expertise expands into sales, strategy and analysis for consumer goods, retail, and wholesale distribution is widely sought-after by consumer goods companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. He has consulted profitably with over 250 entrepreneurs, investors, and consumer goods companies. As CEO, COO, and Vice President of technology, Jorge has provided project coordination, direction and analysis for projects involving companies as diverse as Standard & Poors, SAB Miller, and a broad range of beverage and consumer product companies, including Coca Cola, Fiji Water, Hansen’s, Red Bull, Rockstar Energy, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Pepsi Bottling Group, and Vitamin Water. Consumer product companies he has worked with include Southern Wine & Spirits, Frito-Lay, Emergen-C, 5-Hour Energy, and Hershey’s.
You can reach Jorge at: