Jonathan Whistman is a Partner at Elevate Human Potential. His work is centered on the belief that the greatest business results come from focusing on elevating the human potential within a business. When companies are able to tap into the imagination, talent and vision of their people, they see a dramatic increase in
sales and a reduced level of workplace stress.
Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell is famous for saying in his book, Outlier, that 10,000 hours makes someone an expert and so it is!
Jonathan was raised in a family with eight kids and his childhood was spent inside a religious cult where he devoted over 19,000 hours knocking on doors to create radical conversions in lifestyles and belief in the lives of those he called on. In addition he became a leader, regularly giving inspirational and instructional talks to audiences of up to 11,000 people.
This up-close look at how people form, change and develop beliefs became a foundation for understanding how to lead organizations and sales teams where success depends on getting the power of belief ignited in the people you lead or the customers you sell to. Leaving the beliefs of his childhood forced him to become familiar with the challenges that come from overcoming an ingrained way of thinking and being.
Using these insights, Jonathan has trained, hired, managed, observed and coached thousands of sales people through his work with leading sales organizations. He has been instrumental in molding the leadership talents of countless companies. His own companies have been featured on CNN Money, have won the GEW Top 50 High Growth companies’ designation, and achieved the SXSW Top 5 Award.
When not working he enjoys long-distance backpacking, motorcycling and reading. He recently completed a 540-mile hike across Spain with Kellie Zimmet, the love of his life and business partner. His greatest business satisfaction comes from having a CEO client feel like they have their life back when the team is running well and achieving at a high level, and from seeing people overcome their own beliefs that restrict their potential. His greatest personal satisfaction comes in knowing he was able to change his own beliefs and thus create a better life for himself and his son.